About usWe're constructing a bank and money exchange transfer, together.

By giving you solutions to your problems, treating you reasonably and being totally translucent, we deem we can craft banking better.

Daniel Statham

CEO Money Solution

We're at this juncture on a mission to make money work for all

Now more than 1.02M people utilize our hot M25 debit cards to handle their money and spend anywhere in the world. Download the app on mobile today to join us.

Generous towards the planet

We're branchless, paperless and utilize renewable energy. What's next, our debit cards are made from recyclable plastic and we emphasize virtual cards when we talk to our clients. We've vowed to become an environmentally friendly company.

Taking multiplicity acutely

Inclusivity isn't just a good idea here. It's based on everything we do, from whom we employ to how we delight people and it informs how we develop our product, too.