Money and Cash operations in multiple
currencies with M25 Debit Cards.

Get our featured cards for your group and individuals to spend all over the world with no foreign exchange and transaction charges.

Physical Cards with Debit Transaction Features

  • Pay anywhere anytime at Shop.
  • A debit card with a personal account.
  • Get offers on M25 cards across different sellers.
  • Withdraw amount from any ATM.
  • Card to Card transactions without charges.
  • Get customized physically that suits your fashion.

    Virtual Cards with Real Features

  • Eradicating the card stolen issues.
  • No need to carry a physical card, just a mobile.
  • Manage your cards with the M25 App.
  • Card to card virtual money transfer.
  • Money withdrawal in Virtual Tradition.
  • Features like physical cards except physical presence.
  • Pay and Receive from payment mode.

    Keep your Card and Account safe with Encrypted Transaction

  • Spending Alerts: Get Real Time Spending Notifications.
  • Stay in control: Support Card Payments Instantly.
  • Freeze your card: Frost or Defrost Your Card Anytime.
  • Spending Track: Keep track of what your team spends.

Start Shopping before your card arrives.

No waiting around for delivery. Your card information appears on your account when you order.

So you can start using your card with Google Pay or Apple Pay instantly - in-store and online.